This website presents a collection of Tomís recent paintings, which you will hopefully enjoy.You may also visit for more paintings and general information.

About the Artist:

Born in Tehran, Tom has spent most of his adult life in Los Angeles and Vancouver, Canada, where he has been living since 1982 with his family.A lifelong passionate obsession with photography and painting has guided him throughout his life despite his formal education in commerce and holding related occupations.In the last fifteen years, landscape painting in oil and acrylic has been given the highest emphasis to capture the intriguing moods and atmospheres in Nature.Tom has been (and will continue) participating in public exhibitions and gallery presentations.But patrons are encouraged to contact the artist by e-mail or make an appointment to visit his home studio for a close viewing of his paintings.

Tom is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and his paintings are periodically exhibited and sold in the Federation Gallery in Granville Island, Vancouver.

Artistís Mission:

The joy of painting and pursuing artistic visions is an end by itself for a motivated artist.Yet a supplementary source of joy stems from sharing these experiences and artworks with the public in large scale.Though some hurdles make this task rather difficult.On the one hand, financial rewards for artists are minimal considering the amount of time and effort extended by them to create a valuable painting, especially when a large commission (usually 50%) is paid to galleries for bringing artists and art purchasers together.On the other hand, for many art lovers even such low prices of original paintings may appear excessive if an investment value cannot be attached to the artwork in addition to its aesthetic value.In an attempt to rectify this problem and eliminate purchasersí uncertainty about the investment value of the artwork, paintings by this artist are guaranteed for lifetime to be repurchased according to the Lifetime Repurchase Policy.Tomís mission as a painter is to create valuable artwork and support its investment value by providing a guarantee to repurchase it if and when the purchaser desires.

Lifetime Repurchase Guarantee

Tom Omidiís paintings are guaranteed to be repurchased from the original buyer according to the following policy:

1)      A Certificate identifying the purchaser, price, date of purchase, and artwork will be issued upon buyerís request from the artist, in person or by an e-mail sent to, within fifteen days of the purchase.

2)      The artwork submitted for repurchase must be in its original, excellent condition, as normally expected for a similar painting.

3)      The repurchase price is calculated according to the following formula:

A.For paintings purchased directly from the artist:

i)        Returns within the first year of purchase:††††††††††††††††† 60% of the original price.

ii)       Returns within the second year of purchase:    †††††††† 70% of the original price.

iii)     Returns within the third year of purchase:†††††††††††††††† 80% of the original price.

iv)     Returns after the third year of purchase:†††††††††††††††††† 90% of the original price.

B.For paintings purchased from a gallery:

(A certificate mustíve been issued by the artist according to Clause 1 above.)

The percentages and guidelines in (A) apply to this category as well.However, the deemed price of the painting for refund purposes is considered to be 50% of the amount paid to the gallery for the painting.The guarantee applies only to artistís net proceeds, which is usually 50% of the gallery price.

4)      Lifetime guarantee refers to the life of the artist plus forty months.The estate of the artist will honor all refunds within the stated timeframe.

5)      To ensure that cash for refunds are always available, 50% of all sale proceeds are maintained in a trust account.


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